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Our commitment is to present your business to the marketplace in a way that highlights your company’s accomplishments, and potential growth opportunities.

We develop a marketing plan and implement the plan, by bringing qualified buyers to the table, and an accredited broker who will assist all the way through to closing, with Guaranteed Confidentiality

Confidentiality Assured

Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales will always operate invisibly on  behalf of our clients. Due to our success with both Buyers and Sellers alike,  Bankers, Migration Agents, Realtors, Sellers, Buyers, Accountants, Solicitors and many others, professional entities constantly introduce us to the right people to help achieve our goal and maintain confidentiality.   

Confidential Marketing Plan

Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales strong ties brokerage and merger/acquisition professionals will allow your business to receive international and nationwide attention, yet in a non-specific manner so that the normal course of business operations is not disrupted. The quiet marketing efforts of the Australian Business and Migration Sales consultants allows you to continue normal business operations without being distracted by the marketing program.

Information Memorandum

The accredited broker will prepare an information memorandum which is released to prospective purchasers once a non disclosure document has been signed. It will include a business overview, assets register, staff list and financial materials (but not limited to). The information is reviewed by you prior to release to qualified buyer prospects. The material covers all subjects of the business operations from employees, marketing, advertising plan, systems, procedures and financial information.

Negotiation and Closing

Your team of proven professionals, which include your CPA, solicitor and financial advisors, are encouraged to be a part of the process. Alternative methods and terms of structuring the transaction can benefit you by minimizing your tax exposure. Experience indicates that the terms and structure are equally as important as the selling price. The conductor of the orchestra can best illustrate the position of the Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales professionals as they call upon the appropriate party at the correct time as each party of the transaction contributes to the harmony of a closed deal.

Thorough Preparation

Australian Business and Migration Sales know what types of information prospective buyers are looking for and know that they will often ask for more information than the obvious. We gather and package all information with a minimal amount of disruption to your business.


Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales accredited broker will assist throughout the negotiation process as intermediaries, they focus on all aspects of the sale in a dispassionate way. Our chief responsibility is to you and to your success, so we stay focused from start to finish

Initial Contact

To accurately market a business for sale, many details and facts must be readily  available. An initial meeting with you, the seller, allows for an exchange of information to determine  your objective in the sale. This discussion will include the financial objective, time constraints,  requirements, and a detailed outline of the marketing process.

Hot Buttons

Every transaction has issues. The job of Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales accredited brokerage is to identify and negotiate win-win situations, as well as to diffuse any potentially damaging issues making the process as smooth as possible.