How ABAMMS Will Find Your Next Business

As an appointed marketing agent, Australian Business and Migration Marketing Sales use nominated, fully licensed, trained, independent and accredited professionals who are experts in their field. They understand that buying a business can be long and stressful, so they are totally focussed on giving you advice to help make the process hassle and pressure free.

Our associated business brokers will work with buyers to determine their objectives in purchasing a business and link up with options that are both financially feasible and fit for your requirements.

Understandably sellers are very concerned about confidentiality and the accredited business broker will require any prospective buyer sign a non-disclosure agreement before any information can be released.

As a buyer interested in a business you will receive preliminary information by the way of an Information Memorandum (IM) after the completed non-disclosure document is received by the accredited business broker who will act in consultation with the vendor.

From this point your accredited broker will liaise between the proposed buyer and seller arranging a meeting and inspection once they are serious and in a position to negotiate in a transaction.

Once the buyer has expressed a strong interest in a business, the accredited broker will recommend a due diligence process where the purchaser and their advisors are supplied with additional information, usually during an arranged meeting.

At the point when a buyer is ready to make an offer, their business broker can assist in preparing a purchase offer, serving as an intermediary and consultant during the process of acquiring a suitable business.

The accredited broker has the breadth and depth of experience to ably assist a prospective business buyer in their quest for financial independence through business ownership.