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The business was created when owners of Lawson’s Crane Services, Kalgoorlie, bought out a Southern Cross farming couples’ sideline business, Yilgarn Cranes.

The aim was to relocate into the area with our cranes, take over the existing clients, and build the business up sufficiently to cover practically all crane hire work in the Central and Eastern Wheat belt. This has happened, and our Company and our services are well recognised, and respected by our clients. Our work area is 400km by 400km.

Supply contracts were put in place with an Iron Ore miner, a Nickel miner, the dominant grain handler for the State, and rail and water utilities and their contractors. There is no formal Supply Contract with the local gold miner, just an understanding that we are the logical best choice they have.

Turnover for the first full financial year, 2010, was a 400% increase on the last full F.Y. for Yilgarn Cranes, 2008. This was maintained for the next two financial years. This further increased to a high point in F.Y. 2013.

This involved up to four full time staff. Newer cranes were bought to replace older units that were exported or pensioned off. Reductions in the level of development and project work has caused the business to be downsized from four general hire cranes to two, to form a more cost effective unit. But it is still as profitable as it was before to the Directors. And has a relatively new fleet. The two slew cranes are both less than four years old.

Tasks include: communication towers and masts to 85 meters, Mine plant shutdowns and maintenance, heavy equipment assembly and maintenance, shed building, machinery installation, transportable buildings, farm machinery, road crash recovery and rescue, grain receiver site maintenance, water bores, power generation installation or replacement, tank building, and many others.

A very effective advertising promotion centres on Yellow Pages online and a linked website. These received 17,000 hits last year. The aim is to collect all inquiries for Crane Hire and 35 specific locations in our work area. New contacts inquiries come in from all over the country.

The true strength of this business is a range of income streams. Percentages:

Mining, Iron Ore 25%

Mining, Gold 25%

Mining, Nickel 10%

Grain Handling 30%

All others 10%

If one source completely ceases, the rest will continue on.

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